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Tre’Veon Anderson, 29, murdered his police officer girlfriend Chatéri Payne, 22, in Shreveport, Louisiana prosecutors say. In June 2022 Tre'Veon was sentenced to life in prison.   

Tre’Veon Anderson and Chatéri Payne

Tre’Veon Anderson and Chatéri Payne

A jury in April 2022 convicted Tre'veon on one count of second degree murder and one count of conspiracy to commit second degree murder. Tre'veon and Chateri were in a dating relationship and even had a young daughter together, but things grew sour and Chateri signed a new lease to move out of the residence they were living in together. Chateri also told Tre'veon that the relationship was over.

Tre'veon didn't take that too well.

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Chateri was murdered in January 2019. Tre'veon planned and executed the murder of Officer Chateri. Co-defendant Lawrence Pierre exchanged text messages concerning Chateri's movements on the evening of the murder.

Chateri was at home as she prepared to begin her patrol shift. Tre'veon and Lawrence approached the home, Tre'veon got out of the car as Chateri was getting in hers, Tre'veon then shot Chateri once in the head, killing her.  

Their 2-year-old daughter was there when the murder happened. 

Chateri was in uniform and on her way to work the night shift. The suspects then fled. Eventually both Tre'veon and Lawrence were arrested and charged with murder.

Lawrence later pleaded guilty to one count of second degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

Chateri was only a cop for 3 months.