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Roaches in restaurants do not go together at all. How nasty can a restaurant be to have roaches roaming around.

The Cottage chinese restaurant received a 83 health score and had roaches in the kitchen. The restaurant is located at 6701 North Tryon Street Charlotte, NC.

On October 24, 2019 a inspection was conducted and the inspector observed roaches and gnats in the kitchen area.

Equally disgusting, a food employee touched trash and then went back to food preparation. The inspector made the employee wash hands.

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At Cottage chinese restaurant there were knives stored clean on a hanger, but there were 3 knives that were dirty, when the knives were removed from their spot, roaches were behind it.

See how the China Buffet restaurant received a low score, due to an employee having a open wound.

The inside of prep units were soiled with food debris and in need of cleaning. The floors, walls, ceiling and whole kitchen area were in need of cleaning.