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The Cottage chinese restaurant located at 6701 North Tryon St. Charlotte, NC had roaches in the rice during a health department inspection. The restaurant received an 81 B score.

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There were numerous risk factor violations observed even with a manager having a ServSafe certificate. Safe food handling was not practiced.

A live roach was in a large bag of baking soda and in a rolling bin of dry rice. The inspector also saw a number of flies and fruit flies. The restaurant needs cleaning, according to the inspector.

The baking soda & rice were discarded. The same restaurant had roaches in 2019 also.

The inspector saw Cottage Restaurant employees using a full trash can as a prep surface while assembling egg rolls. Gross!!

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Large quantities of fried egg rolls were stored in reused boxes; all egg rolls were then discarded per the inspector's demand.

See how another chinese food restaurant had roaches in the flour.

There was a build up in the ice machine and in food service containers throughout the Cottage Restaurant.

Multiple foods were cold held at unsafe temperatures above 41F and had to be thrown away.

The inspector observed 3 Cottage Restaurant employees preparing food without hair restraints.

Food debris, grease, sticky surfaces, and water build-up were seen throughout the Cottage Restaurant.