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Look we've been through this hundreds of times. Thousands of people get arrested everyday, and most of them are unattractive, ugly, with drug problems and bad attitudes.


But there are some people that get arrested that actually look decent, like the people seen in this headline photo.

Jail sucks, the food is terrible, the guards are mean, and there is nothing to do. Many inmates don't even behave well in jails across America. In various jails there are inmates that start fights for no reason, there are inmates that steal, and there are inmates that bully new novice inmates.

And to top it all off, there are even inmates that get into fights with the corrections staff. Jail is not a pretty place, but there are pretty inmates in jail.

Now, it is apparent that the mugshots in this story aren't front page material for fashion magazines and luxury model displays. But when it comes to county jails, this is the best you get!!

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So if you see your picture here, consider it a compliment.

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