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The famous rapper DaBaby whose real name is Jonathan Kirk got into a fight with DaniLeigh's brother Brandon Bills on February 9, 2022 at a bowling alley in Topanga, CA. DaniLeigh is the mother of Dababy's child. DaniLeigh's legal name is Danielle Curiel.

DaBaby, (Jonathan Kirk)

DaBaby, (Jonathan Kirk)

DaBaby called the police on DaniLeigh after he says she hit him at an apartment in Charlotte, NC back in 2021. 

Fast forward to 2022, the fight started inside of a very crowded bowling alley. Brandon was a few feet from DaBaby and tells the rapper, "I don't appreciate the way you treated my sister."

DaBaby is seen punching Brandon almost instantly. Brandon dodges the punch, but then DaBaby's entourage joins the fight and begins to stomp out Brandon and punch him, all while slipping and sliding on the slick bowling floor. 

DaBaby is seen getting several more punches and kicks in also, while ofcourse slipping a few times. One DaBaby entourage member was even seen holding Brandon down by his long braided hair.

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Brandon's shirt was removed during the fight. After the beat down, DaBaby and his crew then leave the establishment. The bowling alley has now banned DaBaby from ever coming back to the property after the violent fight.

DaBaby is expected to be arrested once California police complete their investigation.

This is not the first time DaBaby has made fight headlines, because he got into a physical altercation at the Louis Vuitton store in South Park mall Charlotte, NC with now dead rapper Cam Coldheart, (Cameron Henegan).