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Eric Holland, 57, is the suspect that had a dead man's head and body parts that were dismembered in a cooler inside his truck. Eric was arrested on December 23, 2021 in Las Vegas. 

Eric Holland

Eric Holland

Eric is accused of dismembering the 60-year-old man and driving around with pieces of the victim's body for weeks in the back of a truck, according to police.

On December 23, 2021 Eric was driving in a truck. An officer pulled Eric over during a routine traffic stop. But Eric drove away from the traffic stop and a high speed chase began. The chase eventually came to an end.

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During a search of the truck, cops discovered a human head and dismembered body parts in coolers within the truck. 

"The officer opened up one of the ice chests and discovered a human head inside that ice chest,”

says homicide detectives.

The severed head was in one ice chest and pieces of the man’s body were in the others. Both ice coolers were wrapped with tape.

Eric allegedly purchased tools that were allegedly used to dismember the victim’s body. Eric is charged with murder.