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It is clear that Waffle Houses across the United States does bad on health department inspections often. But a dead rodent was found at the Waffle House on 8635 Hankins Road Charlotte, NC during a food safety inspection. The inspection was on July 21, 2021 and the Waffle House scored a well deserved 84.50 B.

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 The deceased rodent was found in the ceiling of the Waffle House. Gnats and flies were in the kitchen and near the bathroom of the Waffle House.

The inspector observed no handwashing throughout the whole inspection. The front hand sink doesn't even work, because it backs up onto the floor. To make matters worse there was no soap at either hand sink. 

The sewage is backing up from the floor drain near the front hand sink.  

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Ham had to be discarded because of contamination risk. Raw eggs were stored over ready to eat pickles and mushrooms.

During the inspection Chili was not heating at a proper temperature, so the inspector had the Chili thrown away due to temperature abuse.

There were several containers of opened milk and mushrooms with no date markings.

A Waffle House employee was infected with Hepatitis A in Concord, and some customers may of caught Hepatitis also. 

Video of flying roaches were seen at the Waffle House near North Tryon Street. 

Another Waffle House had cockroaches and gnats during a failed health inspection near Atlanta, GA.