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Whenever a restaurant performs poorly in a health inspection during the Coronavirus pandemic, then it is always a bad sign.

The Delicias Latino Restaurant scored a measly 89 B during a July 13, 2020 health inspection. The restaurant is located at 6341 Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC.

An employee was seen washing dirty soiled dishes, the employee then touched a dirty door to walk outside, after returning from outside the employee was seen handling clean dishes, all without washing their hands or changing gloves.

There was no employee health policy observed during the inspection.

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Multiple foods were being cooled at unsafe temperatures, in fact there was some food sitting on counter tops for a long period of time-- including the beans.

The walk in cooler was also not refrigerating at safe temperatures.

Several foods in the walk in cooler had no expiration date label on them, so the food was forced to be thrown away.

Also the shelving in the walk-in cooler was dirty and covered with food debris.