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A Denny's restaurant earned a disgusting 89 B score during a food safety inspection on June 28, 2021. The Denny's is located at 4541 Sunset Rd. Charlotte, NC. 

The food grade card at the Denny's entrance was hidden from customer view. A Denny's employee had removed the grade card from line of sight. Failure to post grade card can result in police action and citations.  

There was a living roach in the cabinet next to the soda machine by the service window during the inspection. There was heavy roach and mice defecation throughout cabinets in wait staff area.

In fact the same Denny's scored an 87 B in the past due to insects.

The microwave was dirty with soiled food on the inside inside. Sausage links were being held below 135F in the steam well and had to be thrown away.

The inspector observed mixed veggies, diced tomatoes, and unsalted butter with no date labels; the food was discarded. 

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