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On November 15, 2019 investigators arrested two employees from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on bribes charges. They also arrested Robbie Ray Biershenk, 42.

The two DMV employees are 21-year-old Alyson McFerrin and Anna Seay, 25, and are accused of taking cash in two separate bribery cases, according to warrants from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

Investigators accused Alyson of taking money from Robbie so he could skip waiting in line to transfer 18 vehicle titles. The DMV usually only allows 3 title transfers per working day.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division said Alyson also put down the value of Robbie’s vehicles as $1 so he could avoid paying the state’s infrastructure maintenance fee.

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The alleged bribery scheme between Alyson and Robbie ran from the middle of September until Oct. 4, officials said.

Investigators accused Anna of taking $200 cash in exchange for transferring the title of a mobile home into someone else’s name on Oct. 4.