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Getting arrested during a pandemic is not the best situation to be in. The Coronavirus has disrupted and changed the arrest process for jails across the world. But in the midst of COVID-19 good looking men and women still get arrested. And we are here to give you a look. The men and women seen here show people that have been arrested for alleged offenses, and they happen to look better than the average arrestee.

Stay out of jail. Innocent until proven guilty. 

Stay out of jail. Innocent until proven guilty. 

These pictures don't depict world class beauty or super dapper male looks; instead the pictures show some of the best in the jail picture world. 

But jail is bad, it is not a place you want to be; and the food is terrible also. There were pests crawling on the walls and floors in the kitchen of the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte, NC.

Jail is also a very violent place. Countless fights happen in jails all the time in the USA. A jail guard was cut in the head during an attack. 

Even a female jail guard was stabbed during an altercation with an inmate. 

3 guards were injured during a jail stabbing. 

Some jails actually allow inmates to stay up late and play cards outside their cells.

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But, you might be able to get a guard at a jail some where in the world to help you escape. Read how this guard helped 2 inmates escape.  

Inmates die in jail also, and it is not due to old age. 

There have been multitudes of beautiful and handsome people that have taken the famous mugshot.

From blondes, to brunettes, to dirty un-kept weaves, the county jail has seen it all.

Everyone has bad days, but nothing spells out a bad day more than when you get arrested.

Jail is not a pretty place, but there are pretty inmates in jail.

Some people that get arrested look better than the average arrestee.

There are attractive people that get arrested.

These gals are prettier than the typical female sitting in county lock-up.