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'Woot' there it is!

From blondes, to brunettes, to dirty un-kept weaves, the county jail has seen it all. This is not a Miss America pageant, this is jail, so the beauty standards aren't as strict.


Alleged crimes get many people locked up. But a mugshot is not the end of the world, some people actually get modeling contracts from their mugshots.

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So lets be honest, jail sucks. Jail detention relies on control, and containment, the thought of jail frightens people, jail disrupts your sleep as inmates are required to wake up every two hours during lights out. It is a safety procedure because many jails have a lot of suicides.

Famous actor Denzel Washington refereed to jail as the "Booty House" while playing a character in the Training Day movie.

Far from a 5 star hotel or resort, jail is made to make people uncomfortable. The purpose of jails is to rehabilitate people from making the same alleged mistakes over and over again. For some people it works, and for some people it doesn't. Nevertheless, just stay out of jail!