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On September 17, 2022 Devin Clark, 18, and Lyric Woods, 14, were murdered in Hillsborough, NC. Devin played football at Eastern Alamance High School.

Lyric Woods and Devin Clark

Lyric Woods and Devin Clark

On September 16, 2022 Lyric left her home around 11 p.m. without her parent's knowledge. Devin left his home also. A vehicle picked Lyric and Devin up.

Lyric and Devin were in the car with a teen suspect according to police. Other people may have been in the car also.

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Lyric and Devin were driven to an abandoned wooded area and shot to death in the dead of night. Lyric and Devin's bodies were dumped in the woods. The suspect then left. 

Hunters riding dirt bikes found the dead bodies of Lyric and Devin later in the day of September 17th around 3 p.m. The hunters called police.

Alamance Burlington School System made a statement pertaining to the murders:

"Our hearts are heavy this morning as we have learned about the death of one of our Eastern High School students. Counselors will be on hand today to assist students and staff. We send our condolences to the student’s family and friends at this time,"

No arrests have been made, but cops have a teenage suspect in mind.