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Police Officer Kennis Croom, 30, was murdered on June 9, 2022 along with Brittany Jones in Meridian, Mississippi. Kennis was a cop with the Meridian Police Department. 31-year-old Dante Bender is accused of killing Officer Kennis and Brittany. Dante was Brittany's fiancee.

Dante Bender, Brittany Jones, and Kennis Croom

Dante Bender, Brittany Jones, and Kennis Croom

A 911 call was made regarding a domestic altercation at a home on June 9th. Dante and Brittany were found at the home. Brittany was pregnant.  

Officer Kennis arrived on scene and had somebody at gunpoint. Within seconds a suspect shot and killed Officer Kennis, and immediately after that a suspect shot and killed Brittany. A second officer arrived on scene around one minute later and found Brittany and Kennis dead. Officer Kennis was shot in the head and 5 times in the chest.

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No suspect was found at the scene.

Dante was arrested at a gas station in Ackerman, Mississippi about 80 miles from the double murder on June 10, 2022.

Dante was a police officer in Mississippi, but he was fired in January 2022.