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Kelly Miller, 29, and Christopher Gleaton, 28, were both killed on Beatties Ford Road Charlotte, NC on June 22, 2020 around midnight. Kelly and Christopher were both shot during a Juneteenth celebration in Charlotte. Juneteenth marks the end of slavery of black people in the United States over 100 years ago. The celebration involved speeding cars, squealing car wheels, fireworks, and small cookouts.

However, 8 people were shot and 2 people were killed. As the celebration was in progress several shots rang out into the crowd. Kelly was found shot lying in the roadway on Beatties Ford Road. Kelly was pronounced deceased on the scene by medics.

Christopher was transported to the hospital by paramedics with life-threatening injuries and he was pronounced deceased at the hospital a short time later. 

Preliminary information gathered during the investigation indicates that several shooters discharged dozens of shots in to the crowd who had been gathered in the area.

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In addition to those who were shot, five victims arrived at the hospital and advised they had been struck by fleeing vehicles from the shooting.