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On June 29, 2022 David Stewart, 27, and his girlfriend Jimena Nunez, 24 were found dead in an Dallas, Texas apartment. David and Jimena were parents to daughters, ages 3-years-old and 8 months old. David and Jimena were shot to death, they were dead for 3 days in an apartment with their kids until police found them.

David Stewart and Jimena Nunez

David Stewart and Jimena Nunez

David and Jimena were at their apartment with their 2 daughters. Neighbors reported hearing fighting, banging and several gunshots at the apartment. David and Jimena were both killed after being shot inside the apartment while their kids were there.

Police were called by neighbors, but it took the Dallas Police Department 2 hours to arrive at the scene due to slow response times. The neighbors nor police were aware that David and Jimena were dead.

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Police got to the apartment unit and knocked on the door, they received no answer and heard no noises, so the cops left.

The 3-year-old girl and 8-month-old baby were in the apartment for the next 3 days with their parents dead bodies. The 3-year-old girl finally found a way to get out of the apartment on the 3 third day. The girl was wandering outside all alone looking for help. The girl was finally found by a neighbor while she was outside.

The girl said, "mommy and daddy won't wake up."

The girl then led the neighbor to the apartment unit, and that is when the neighbor discovered David and Jimena dead. So, police were called to the apartment again, and this time they classified this case a double murder after being notified of the dead bodies. 

The kids were taken for food and proper care after being left alone for 3 days. There was no forced entry to the home, and no arrests have been made.