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On May 16, 2022 Nakea Brooks, 27, and her boyfriend 33-year-old Marshellous Braddy were murdered in a wild shooting on Aftonshire Drive Fayetteville, NC. Rhaim Mosies Santiago, 29, is accused of murdering the couple, but he committed suicide after the murders. Nakea was 2 months pregnant.

Rhaim Santiago and Nakea Brooks

Rhaim Santiago and Nakea Brooks

Nakea and Marshellous were together at a residence on Aftonshire Drive when a suspect approached the residence and shot the couple. Both victims were killed. 

Police identified Rhaim as a suspect and he was pursued in a high speed chase that led to him crashing his car in an apartment building on May 17, 2022. Rhaim then ran from the crash scene and shot at cops in a field.

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Rhaim later killed himself in the field via a self inflicted gunshot wound. There is still no motive on why Nakea and Marshellous were shot and gunned down.

Nakea had a young daughter that will miss her dearly. Nakea's unborn baby died too.