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Devion De’Brown, 20, and Tasjah Williams, 22, were arrested in connection with the murder of a motel employee identified as Jayeshbhai Patel. 2 people were shot at a motel in Charlotte, NC on June 11, 2022. The motel is located on Glenwood Drive.

Devion De’Brown and Tasjah Williams

Devion De’Brown and Tasjah Williams

Devion allegedly entered the motel on June 11, 2022 and attempted to get a room before noon. The motel denied the suspect a room due to rooms being unavailable. Shots were then allegedly fired by the suspect.

Jayeshbhai Patel and another motel employee were shot. The suspect fled. Jayeshbhai died at the hospital. The second motel employee has serious injuries.

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Devion and Tasjah were identified as suspects. Devion has distinctive blue eyes.

On June 14, 2022, cops coordinated with the Leland Police Department, SBI, and the Cape Fear Regional Special Teams to arrest Devion and Tasjah. 

The SWAT team arrested Devion and Tasjah in Leland, NC more than 200 miles away from Charlotte. 

Devion is charged with murder and attempted murder. Tasjah is charged with felony aid and abetting murder, felony accessory after the fact, assault, larceny, and injury to personal property.