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The Dragon House Buffet scored a very bad 87.50 B score on a food safety inspection on July 15, 2021. The restaurant is located at 355 East Woodlawn Rd. Charlotte, NC. There was poor hand washing at the restaurant, because several employees entered the kitchen and started to food prep without washing their hands.

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The inspector observed several alive cockroaches and bugs throughout the Dragon House Buffet. Apparently roaches love buffets. There was boxed food stored on the ground outside of the storage area at the restaurant.

There was no certified food protection manager present during the inspection.  

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The following foods had to be thrown away because they were cold holding at unsafe temperatures above 41F: roasted legumes, macaroni & cheese, crab salad, and coleslaw.

Also, large quantities of shrimp and seasoned raw chicken were thawing in luke warm water and had to be discarded.