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A drunk flight attendant was arrested in Indiana after passengers saw her stumbling all over the cabin and then passing out in her seat for the entire flight.

Julianne March, 49, was arrested on August 8.

Julianne was a flight attendant on a flight from Chicago to South Bend. Julianne was working a United Express Flight.

Julianne couldn't even deliver the security announcement at the beginning of the flight, she kept slurring her speech and kept bumping into people. Julianne fell asleep in the jump seat after takeoff. To make it so bad, Julianne was the only flight attendant on the plane.

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As soon as the plane reached South Bend and landed, police boarded the plane. Julianne told officers that she had Vodka shooters before coming to work. Her blood alcohol limit was 0.204 five times over the legal limit for flight attendants.

Julianne was arrested for criminal public intoxication. Her employment was also terminated.