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The affects of alcohol are damaging. A 13-year-old student at Sims Middle School in South Carolina showed up to class drunk and fainted on April 12. But before that, he gave out a few mini bottles of Whiskey to a few of his classmates.

That must of been a hell-u-va show n' tell.

The principal of Sims Middle School searched the 13-year-old student’s book bag and found alcohol, and a lot of it.

The principal found nine empty mini bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky.

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The search of the bag also turned up a half-empty mini bottle, along with two unopened bottles of Fireball.

Before getting sick, the student passed out “an undetermined number of mini bottles to other students,” and four unopened bottles were recovered, bringing the total to 16.

The student got the mini bottles from his grandfather’s home without the relative’s knowledge and brought them to school where the teen appeared to be drunk — moving unsteadily and vomiting.

After the student was taken from the nurse’s office to an area hospital, he was arrested and charged with drunkenness and liquor law violations possession at school.

The student was released to the custody of his mother.