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The East Coast Wings & Grill located at 9711 Northlake Centre Pkwy Charlotte, NC scored a measly 88.50 B grade during a food safety inspection on August 4, 2020.

The manager on duty was not even knowledgeable on the food borne illness and symptoms associated with foodborne illnesses. The on duty manager was also not able to provide written information regarding the aforementioned. It was so bad that the inspector had to provide education and an employee health handout.

Several food handlers at East Coast Wings & Grill were seen touching phones and then going back to prep food without washing their hands. Another food employee was seen putting music earbuds in their ears without washing their hands. The inspector stopped everything and saw to it that the employees rewashed their hands properly. The employees were also provided education on proper hand washing.

There was au jous from a brisket date marked from July 22, 2020, the inspector had the food discarded. The chicken wings were being par cooked and had no clear procedure in place; there were also no labels observed on trays of chicken in the walk-in cooler.

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Several dressings (ranch, blue cheese, spicy ranch) in the reach-in cooler were at unsafe temperatures above 41F. The dressings were discarded. Rice in the walk-in cooler had to be thrown away because they didn't have a make or expiration date on them. The dressings were without date markings too.

There were areas in the restaurant that were in need of cleaning at the cook line area; the oven and monitors at the cook line were accumulating dust and grease. Lastly employee drinks, personal items, and food were stored improperly on shelving and equipment.