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Edomae Sushi & Hibachi Grill performed terribly during a food safety inspection on April 19, 2021 scoring a 86.50 B score, all during the Coronavirus pandemic. Edomae Sushi & Hibachi Grill is located at 9739 Northlake Centre Pkwy. Charlotte, NC. The restaurant is near Northlake Mall.

There was no certified food protection manager on site during the inspection. There was no hot water at one of the hand sinks. The manager came over and had to turn the nozzle that was underneath on, which finally allowed for hot water at the hand sink. There were also no paper towels at the hand sink.

The inspector observed a dead cockroach in a container of soap at Edomae Sushi & Hibachi Grill. The restaurant does not have regular pest control service.

During the inspection there were unwashed avocados stored over ready to eat cabbage and cooked rice in the walk in cooler. Also there was raw fish stored over ready to eat sliced avocado and chili sauce. Moreover, the inspector saw raw beef tenderloin stored over ready to eat butter.

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3 soda nozzles at the soda machine had black build-up inside. 5 dishes were stored as clean, but had food debris on them. The inspector asked the Edomae Sushi & Hibachi Grill employee to clean the dishes, the employee washed the dishes without sanitizing. The manager had the designated machine filled with quat sanitizer.

The dish machine had no 0PPM coming out.

The carrots were falsely date marked from April 19, 2021, but the carrots were really from 2 days ago, the inspector had the carrots correctly marked to show that they were 2 days old. The rice, cut cabbage, and ranch had no date markings at all.