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Thomas Bell, 24, shot and killed Khali Holmes, 24, at Carolina Place Mall on January 13, 2019. Thomas was arrested today on charges relating to the shooting.

Khali was shot and killed when he started a fight with Thomas, who was a employee at the DTLR urban clothing store in the mall. The mall is located in Pineville, NC.

Thomas Bell, Khali Holmes

Thomas Bell, Khali Holmes

During the fight, the employee pulled out a gun, shooting and killing Khali. The two had a ongoing dispute. Khali died on scene. The shooting sent the mall into a panic, as frightened shoppers ran for safety and cover.

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On July 9, 2019 Thomas turned himself in to the jail in Charlotte, NC. Thomas was arrested and charged with Carrying Concealed Gun.

The beloved Concord Mills Mall also had a shooting this year during a movie showing.