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On Thursday, August 6, 2020, U.S. District Judge Kenneth D. Bell sentenced former Covenant Day School teacher Christopher Muggler, 27, to prison for receiving child pornography. Covenant Day School is in Matthews, N.C.

Christopher was sentenced to 6 years in prison and 10 years of supervised release. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender after he completes his prison term. On February 28, 2020, Christopher pleaded guilty to receiving child pornography. In 2019 FBI agents conducting an investigation into child exploitation became aware that an individual with the username “Muggadelphia12” was receiving child pornography via Dropbox links.

The child pornography specifically included videos that depicted young male victims being sexually abused. Law enforcement linked the username “Muggadelphia12” to Christopher.

On March 26, 2019, FBI agents executed a warrant at Christopher’s residence and seized two cell phones. Christopher was found to possess 110 images and 34 videos of child pornography.

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