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On July 29, 2021 authorities made the decision not to charge anyone after 18-year-old Milton Howard was shot and killed in Charlotte, NC. The shooter was never arrested and never faced any charges thanks to a Facebook Live video where he claims he was robbed and acted in self defense during a Hood Uber transaction. 

The Driver 

The Driver 

On March 14, 2021 Milton was shot and killed on Delta Lake Drive Charlotte, NC. Milton had booked a ride via Hood Uber, the driver arrived to pick up Milton. 

The driver then says he had mace sprayed on him during a robbery attempt, allegedly  by Milton. That is when the driver shot and killed Milton. The driver claims self defense. 

Immediately after the shooting, the driver created a Facebook Live video that captured video of the scene and Milton convulsing and collapsing to the ground after being shot. 

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Milton died on the scene. 

The Facebook Live video shows the driver clearly had been sprayed with a substance that altered his speech and eye sight. The driver can be seen foaming at the mouth, and saying on the video that, 

"He tried to rob me, he sprayed me with mace, I didn't want to have to do him like that." 

The shooter was interviewed and was cooperative throughout the investigation. Investigators got a hold of the video and eventually believed the shooter. 

The case has now been classified as a justified homicide. 

The Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office reviewed the case and concurred with police detectives not to charge anyone in this case. It takes alot for prosecutors to not go after a murder trial.