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6-year-old Malaki Nelson died on July 11, 2021 in High Point, NC. 30-year-old Devon Nelson is the boy's father, Devon is charged with Malaki's murder. Devon is accused of beating his own son to death and then waiting hours to take him to the hospital. 

Devon Nelson

Devon Nelson

Police say that Devon beat his son on July 11, 2021 at a residence in High Point, NC because the child urinated in his pants and interrupted Devon while he played video games. Malaki had burns on his bottom, bruises on his legs, a contusion above his eye, and cuts all over his body.

Malaki also had water in his lungs.  

Yet authorities say that Devon waited hours to take Malaki to the hospital. When Devon finally brought Malaki to the hospital, the boy was already dead.  

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Court documents detail that Devon told doctors his son slipped and fell in the bathtub. However, an autopsy revealed Malaki died from blunt force trauma.

Devon was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

A mother was accused of abandoning her kids in the middle of the road in North Carolina. 

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