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8-year-old Tiana Huddleston was shot and killed by her father Michael Huddleston, 47, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 15, 2022. Michael says he was trying to teach the neighborhood kids about gun safety. 

Michael Huddleston and Tiana Huddleston  

Michael Huddleston and Tiana Huddleston  

Michael is charged with fatally shooting his daughter Tiana. On January 15, 2022 Michael downed a pint of the alcoholic drink Tequila and had already started on his second pint. Michael then decided he wanted to teach the neighborhood kids about gun safety, Michael grabbed his gun. 

Neighborhood kids were playing at his house with Tiana in the kitchen. Michael called the kids over and says he checked the safety on his gun thinking it was on and the gun was empty of bullets. 

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Michael then pointed the gun at Tiana and the gun fired. Tiana was hit in the chest by a single bullet. Michael says his gun accidentally discharged. Tiana's brother called 911 and told them what happened.

Tiana was rushed to the hospital, where she died. Michael was arrested at the hospital. 

Michael is charged with first-degree reckless homicide, use of dangerous weapon, and possession of a firearm by a felon.