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24-year-old Calogero Duenes was murdered on New Year's Eve December 31, 2021, the date is also his daughter's birthday. Calogero was murdered at a Chuck E. Cheese in Humble, Texas.

Calogero Duenes

Calogero Duenes

Calogero was with his wife and 2 daughters at Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurant. The family was celebrating their 6-year-old daughter's birthday.

Calogero was in the parking lot carrying his daughter's birthday cake inside, when out of no where a vehicle pulled up and shot Calogero several times to the point of death.

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Calogero's family had to witness this tragic incident first hand. Calogero was able to run inside of Chuck E. Cheese for help. Calogero was taken to the hospital by ambulance where he would later within the hour. 

The shooter has not yet been caught or identified.