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Miya Marcano, 19, was found dead in a heavily wooded area on October 2, 2021 in Orange County Florida. Miya was a student at Valencia College. She lived at Arden Villas Apartments in Orlando, FL. A maintenance man that desired to be romantically involved with Miya is the prime suspect. 

Miya Marcano

Miya Marcano

Miya went missing on September 24, 2021. Her family reported her missing after she missed a flight home to South Florida.

Manuel Caballero, 27, was the maintenance man at Arden Villas Apartments. Manuel desired to be romantically involved with Miya, but she reportedly refused. 

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Manuel used a master key given to him as a maintenance man to enter Miya's apartment on September 24, 2021. Miya was taken from her apartment and ended up dead several weeks later. 

Manuel was questioned by police within 48 hours of Miya being reported missing, however he was let go after police said he was not a suspect. Also, at that time police did not know that Manuel had entered Miya's apartment with a master key. 

Manuel was found dead on September 27, 2021 via suicide, he was later labeled as a suspect. Miya was found dead on October 2, 2021 in a heavily wooded area in Orlando, Florida. 

The apartment complex, Arden Villa, released a statement saying:

"All potential employees are vetted through a national background check services provider, and no records of burglary or sexual assault were found involving Manuel Caballero."