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A female jail sergeant was attacked and sexually assaulted by an inmate inside the Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas on December 6, 2021.

The jail guard was doing office work on the 5th floor of the jail. Out of no where, a 27-year-old male inmate ambushed and attacked the female victim in an administrative office. The inmate then beat the guard and raped her.

The jail guard had sexual assault injuries and physical injuries. The female sergeant was hospitalized and received medical care and support services.

The inmate has a history of sexual assaults.

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Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez says:

“The brutal attack of our Sheriff’s Office teammate warrants a thorough and swift investigation. Uncovering all the relevant facts related to this alleged assault is a top priority as we seek answers and justice. All our brave employees deserve to feel safe, and we will do everything to protect them. Our team’s immediate focus is offering a range of full support to our team member.”