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On December 13, 2021 a prison guard at the Lincoln Correctional Center in Lincolnton, NC was arrested and charged with sexual activity with an inmate. The jail guard is identified as 26-year-old Ashley Hubbard.

Ashley Hubbard

Ashley Hubbard

In November 2021 the sheriff’s office received a report of a prison guard engaging in sexual activity with an inmate. Ashley was accused of having a relationship with the inmate and engaging in sexual activities. 

The Lincoln Correctional Center houses 200 minimum security male inmates.

Following an investigation, a warrant was issued charging Ashley with sexual act by a custodian.

Female Jail Guard Karen Payton, 47, was arrested and criminally charged with engaging in a sexual act with a male inmate. 

A male jail guard was charged with having sexual relations with male inmate Haleem Gilliland. 

A female jail guard was raped by a jail inmate. 

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