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Good Friday was a bad Friday for crime this year in the Charlotte area.

Natalia Little, 27, and Demario Little, 29, were arrested on Good Friday April 2, 2021 in a Charlotte, NC home confrontation case.

On April 2, 2021 several victims including men, women, and children were at a home on Rockwell Blvd. The suspects are accused of coming over to the residence to confront a man in reference to an incident that happened the day before between one of the suspects' friends and the male victim. The suspects allegedly used bodily force to physically bulldoze their way into the home. One of the suspects allegedly pushed a female victim with bodily force out of the way.

A fight then broke out. One of the victims was hit in the head and neck area with a blunt object. Another victim was cut with a knife, causing blood splatter throughout the house. Natalia was allegedly struck in the face during the mayhem.

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Police were called and Natalia along with Demario were arrested. They were charged with assault with deadly weapon with intent to kill and breaking-entering to terrorize or injure.

Unrelated, a fired and angry Walmart employee drove their car into Walmart on Good Friday.

Walter Livingston was shot and killed on Good Friday in Charlotte.

Darius Chambers, 28, was arrested hours before Good Friday, charged with the murder of Ryan Autry, 29.

21-year-old Diastarrquacious McKnight and Zytwan Paschal, 21, were arrested on Good Friday in connection to the murder of William Perry, 26.