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Ethan Govan, 7, died from the Coronavirus on September 19, 2021 in Charlotte, NC. Ethan was just a first grader at Stoney Creek Elementary School in Charlotte. 

Ethan Govan

Ethan Govan

The principal of Stoney Creek Elementary School, Susannah Barr says that a crisis response team is available to respond to the emotional needs of all students. Ethan was a bright and talented young man. 

Ethan made whoever he was around smile. Ethan contracted COVID-19 and fought the respiratory diease for several days, but Ethan would later die from COVID-19. 

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Sadly, more and more kids are showing up to the hospital because of COVID-19. And even after a kid heals from COVID-19, they are susceptible to Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, which causes the body parts to become inflamed, even the heart. 

At this time there is no Coronavirus vaccine for kids. 

Popular Las Vegas flight attendant Maurice Shepperson died from COVID-19 after a trip to Hawaii, Maurice was fully vaccinated.