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36-year-old Maurice Shepperson is the Las Vegas flight attendant for Southwest Airlines that died from COVID-19. Maurice tragically died from the world wide respiratory disease on August 10, 2021.

Maurice Shepperson

Maurice Shepperson

Maurice was fully vaccinated from COVID-19. Maurice took a vacation to Hawaii in June 2021. After returning from his trip, Maurice became ill and began having trouble breathing. 

In early July 2021 Maurice drove himself to a hospital emergency room, Maurice was later diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Maurice spent more than a month at a hospital battling COVID-19, and he even was on a ventilator while he received treatment. 

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Maurice worked for Southwest airline for nearly 9 years. 

Southwest Airlines released the following statement concerning Maurice:  

"We are heartbroken over the loss; the Southwest Family is supporting each other, and our employee’s family, during this difficult time. Out of respect for Maurice's family, we do not have additional details to share."

An airport employee in Charlotte was killed on the job after being ran over by a heavy luggage tug vehicle.