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Think twice before you eat at food trucks. Running water in America is expected, period!

Having running water at a restaurant or food establishment is essential to a clean and sanitary environment; the Taco Mobile food truck in Charlotte, NC had none of that, conditions were so bad that Taco Mobile closed temporarily.

On August 28, 2019 the Taco Mobile food truck scored a disastrous 83 health score during a inspection. At the time of the inspection the Taco Mobile food truck was located at 6023 Albemarle Road Charlotte, NC.

Lets start with the fact that there was no running water throughout the food truck. The inspector observed no water available to any fixture on the unit. That means no hot running water or any water at all. The person in charge stated that the pump has been malfunctioning.

Bags of dirty stinky trash were even stored in the hand sinks on the Taco Mobile food truck.

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Taco Mobile was then temporarily closed.

There were flies throughout the food truck. The steak, green salsa, red salsa, chicken, slaw, cut tomatoes, and cut lettuce all were without dates marked on the packaging/containers.

The person in charge was unable to provide documentation of being certified in an ANSI accredited food protection managers course.

An employee was seen handling trash and then putting on gloves without washing hands. Oh yea, they had no water.

The food truck was not even equipped with a food thermometer.