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These people learned the hard way that crime hurts, look at their faces. Four young men stole a truck, robbed a pizza delivery worker, went on a chase with police, and then wrecked.

The suspects are (Left to Right) Joey Contreras, 19, John Smith, Jr., 18, Kenan Peay, 20, and Dorien Martin, 17.

On Tuesday at 1:07a.m., officers responded to a report of an armed robbery which occurred on Halton Park Drive. An adult male victim had been robbed at gunpoint by 4 suspects. The victim, a pizza delivery driver, was hit in the head with a firearm during the robbery and received a non-life threatening injury.

The suspects then fled the scene in a white Dodge Ram pickup truck.

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As additional officers were responding to the scene, they located the suspect vehicle. The Dodge Ram had been stolen the night before from an apartment complex parking lot located at Spindletop Place. The officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle but it refused to stop so a vehicle pursuit took place.

The officers chased the vehicle until it wrecked by hitting a Railroad Crossing-Arm Pole located on Graham Street at Atando Avenue.

All four suspects were arrested. Interestingly, the suspects even fought with police during the process of being arrested.

Three of the suspects had obvious injuries from the crash and the fight, they were transported to the hospital.

A gun was located and seized as evidence.