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The Fresh Chef restaurant located at 2935 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC scored a 83.50 in their latest health inspection on September 17, 2019.

The inspector saw Fresh chef employees come from the dumpster area and begin handling raw meat and put on new gloves to continue ready to eat food prep without hand washing. The inspector instructed the employees to wash their hands.

The facility has had an ongoing issue with temperature control. There was diced kale, mixed lettuce, and spinach dip stacked and covered and cooling in a walk in cooler that was not operable. The food was immediately discarded.

The salad prep unit and a walk in unit were holding food items above 50F. Food is required to be stored at colder temperatures than 50F.

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There was kale and mixed lettuce from 10:30 in the morning still at 50F after 4 hours, the inspector had the food discarded.

There was no active managerial control over the repeat cold holding issue and cooling temperatures in the facility.
The inspection observed angel hair pasta, bowtie pasta, linguine pasta, blanched fries, meatloaf, blanched broccoli, and smoked salmon not dated. State law requires that food must be labeled, food that is unlabeled must be thrown away.

An ice machine had black debris. There were also knives, a food processor, and a potato slicer soiled with food debris.