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Tyler Huff, 19, was the victim of a 2018 torture incident involving a now dead man. Carnis Poindexter SR., 52, along with others were arrested and charged with the torturing of Tyler, but Carnis was killed in January 2019, likely retaliation for the alleged torturing crime.

On March 27, 2019 in Charlotte, NC Mr. Huff was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, fleeing/eluding arrest, and other crimes.

Mr. Huff did a lot of 'huffing' and puffing for air because he ran from police on foot and in a vehicle. Now Mr. Huff can do all the 'huffing and puffing' he wants from jail, but the jail is not made out of straw, so it won't blow down. (Remember that book?)

On the day in question patrol officers attempted to make a traffic stop on Tyler, but he turned into oncoming traffic on Wilshire Place and almost hit a vehicle head on. Tyler then cut off a vehicle and drove off the road. Tyler ran from the stolen vehicle on foot and was caught near the 4900 block of Albemarle Road.

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A police search of the stolen vehicle found 9.3 grams of marijuana, a black digital scale with marijuana residue on it, and a stolen 9mm pistol. Tyler is a convicted felon and was not suppose to be in possession of a gun.

The stolen vehicle was displaying an illegal temporary tag that had no dealer information on it. The vehicle was stolen from a victim in March 2019 while the vehicle was warming up. Driving dirty in a stolen vehicle will get you caught every time.