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Garinger High School received a 85.50 health inspection score on 10/14/2019. The school is located at 1100 Eastway Drive Charlotte, NC.

The inspection noted a pink ring in all of the toilets in the girl's locker room and brown and yellow dried stains on the toilets in the same restrooms. There were stained ceilings and displaced tiles throughout the school.

There was a hole in the floor in a boy's mobile.

There were water drinking fountains with low pressure in the school, including the girl's locker room. Drinking fountains should be provided with adequate water pressure so that an individual’s mouth does not come in contact with the nozzle.

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During the inspection, spring loaded faucets with short run times were observed. The inspector observed the hand dryer not working in the boy's PE Locker room, and there were no paper towels present either.