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Some gas stations in Charlotte, NC and throughout the east coast are raising prices due to hackers overriding and taking access over the Colonial oil pipeline on the east coast. North Carolina is under a State of Emergency.

Many gas pumps have bags over them

Many gas pumps have bags over them

Other gas stations are running out of gas very quickly. The FBI says a group of Russian cyber criminals who call themselves DarkSide is behind the disruption. DarkSide is demanding that the Colonial Pipeline company give them $1 million in order for DarkSide to take the hack and ransomware off. 

Colonial Pipeline delivers about 45% of the gas bought on the East Coast. Colonial Pipeline stopped gas operations after DarkSide executed a ransomware attack on their gas computerized systems. 

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DarkSide is a criminal syndicate based in Russia. DarkSide posted a statement on its dark web site saying, 

“Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society.”

 The gas shortage is causing critical problems.