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Ah’miyahh Howell, 9, was shot and killed on the night of June 28, 2021 in Statesville, NC. The rampant night of violence continued, as other kids were shot within an hour in the same neighborhood. 

Ah’miyahh Howell

Ah’miyahh Howell

3 kids total were shot in the drive-by shootings. 

Ah’miyahh was shot on Wilson Lee Blvd. She and her 7-year-old male family member were shot at home when a vehicle drove by and fired several shots. Both kids were shot. Ah’miyahh died from the shooting.

Watch video of kids being shot at in a drive-by shooting in Charlotte. 

The boy was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The boy suffered a broken leg and pelvic bone complications. 

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Minutes later a 10-year-old boy was shot at a home on New Bern Avenue, which is seconds away from the first shooting. A vehicle drove to the residence and let off gunshots, before speeding away. The boy was hit by the bullets. Paramedics arrived and delivered the boy to the hospital with obvious injuries. 

Video of a shoot-out in Charlotte shows graphic violence.

Statesville Police Chief David W. Addison released this statement: 

I cannot begin to express the sadness we feel for the loss of a child and other children injured in our community due to violent crime. Last night as we responded to the scene, to see innocent children who suffered gunshots was heart wrenching. This senseless violence has to stop! Every officer/deputy/first responder was impacted by this because this child did not deserve violence! Our community deserves better! Our children deserve a place to play without the fear of violence.

One of our greatest challenges is getting people who witnessed these crimes to come forward. 'I am not a snitch' is a phrase which means my community does not matter to me. Not providing information to assist in solving crime destroys our community from within. I will never except the excuse often heard about not getting involved. When you don't share information you are involved in allowing crime to continue.

We will continue to hunt those who prey on our citizens and our community. We recently completed an operation in the community to increase our presence and will continue but we need your assistance. If you witnessed this homicide or other shootings, please give us a call. If this was your child or someone you loved, you would plead as well.