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Sure football is competitive, but a football game between Vance High School vs. Mallard Creek High School erupted in gunshots and fights.

On Friday, September 27, 2019, Zebulon B. Vance High School was hosting Mallard Creek High School in a football game that was being held at 7600 IBM Drive Charlotte, NC. The game was staffed by multiple off-duty CMPD officers along with CMS Police Officers and CMS Security personnel.   

During the game a disturbance took place inside the stadium and multiple individuals were escorted out of the venue and told to leave. A short time later gunshots were heard near one of the school parking lots. No one was injured and the individual who was shooting was not located. 

As the game progressed an additional confrontation took place between another group of people in the stadium. This group was also instructed to leave and were escorted out of the stadium by officers.   

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Once they were in the parking lot, multiple fights took place involving upwards of 40-50 individuals. Additional on-duty officers were called to the scene to assist. No one was seriously injured and a total of two adult and one juvenile arrests were made. All three of these suspects were charged.

The football game itself was not interrupted and continued on during this time.