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The Halal Market is a meat store at 3145 North Sharon Amity Road Charlotte, NC. The Halal Market received a 88 health inspection score on July 31, 2019.

There was a heavy infestation of gnats and flies in meat market area. The walls and floors were dirty and in need of cleaning. The Ink N Ivy restaurant had roaches in their liquor room during a 2019 inspection.

A food employee and the Halal Market store owner did not have any ANSI certification for food management. Restaurants are required to have a certified food protection manager. Points were also deducted due to the manager not understanding employee health policy.

The health inspector observed a food employee sitting down next to food prep surface with a dirty phone on the food prep surface.

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A food employee was seen handling trash and then going to start prepping without washing hands. A food employee was seen washing gloves instead of hands. The inspector made the employee remove gloves, and properly wash hands.

There was raw frozen chicken sitting over several boxes of ready to eat pitas. Another deduction included The Halal Market explaining that they only clean cutting boards, knives, and bone saws once a day. The inspector noted that the items need to be cleaned every 4 hours.

The luxury restaurant Eddie V's received an 83.50 health inspection earlier in 2019.