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Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, the honorable men that have shown their handsome faces in jail. It truly is good Friday. (3 snaps in a circle)

Some men that get arrested actually look decent. The law abiding gentlemen seen here were all arrested for various alleged offenses. One of them looks like Fabio. Whether these gentlemen are 'bae' material or not is up to you.

Check out some of the women that have been arrested.

Lets be real, jail is rough. Some inmates yell, kick their doors and sometimes throw urine. Not to mention the fighting. The bed mattresses are super thin and uncomfortable. You wont see memory foam cloud beds in county lockup, that ain't happening. The pillows aren't fluffy either.

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The food is disgusting, so much so that ramen noodles and pickles are considered a luxury. The floors are cold and the air is dry.

Do yourself a favor and stay out of jail.