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A former Jacksonville, Florida teacher pleaded guilty on October 17, 2019 to engaging in sexual relations with two of his students.

The teacher has been identified as Corey French, 31, he was a science teacher at Fletcher High School students in Florida.

An investigation began on Corey in March 2018 when authorities were first notified of his relationship with two former Fletcher High School students. Corey was fired by the Duval County School District during this time.

Corey had consensual sexual relations with both students during a six-month period in 2017.Corey was 29-year-old at the time of both encounters. The students were 16 and 17.

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Corey was arrested on unlawful sexual activity charges in September 2018. Now Corey will serve three years in state prison followed by another five years of probation.

Duval County School District superintendent Dr. Diana Greene released this statement after his sentencing:

As superintendent, I am angered that a person would use his position as an educator to harm children. I want parents to know that I have no tolerance for this kind of behavior, and that we will cooperate fully with external authorities to prosecute any person who is alleged to have harmed one of our students.