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Luis Romero-Moran, 46, is charged with murdering his wife Zoranllilis Cadena Cambar, 41, by way of strangulation. Zoranllilis was murdered on December 27, 2021 in Doral, Florida.

Zoranllilis Cadena Cambar and Luis Romero-Moran 

Zoranllilis Cadena Cambar and Luis Romero-Moran 

Luis and his wife got into an argument. The next day, Luis followed his wife to work in a gated community where she worked as a house keeper in a luxury home. 

Luis allegedly went into the home with his wife and strangled her to death with a large zip tie. Luis then left the crime scene. Another worker found Zoranllilis dead with the zip tie still around her neck. 

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Luis allegedly called his family members and confessed to them that he murdered his wife. Luis then walked into a police station on his own free will and told cops that he murdered his wife. 

Luis was arrested and charged with murder.