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A 78 C health and sanitation score is unimaginable. The Ink N Ivy restaurant at 222 South Church St. Suite 101 Charlotte, NC got a 78 health score in January 2019.

During the inspection a health inspector observed many dead cockroaches in the liquor room at Ink N Ivy. Yuck!!

In the same month a second inspection was conducted on a different day resulting in a score of 94.50. And on April 10, 2019 the Ink N Ivy got a score of 93.50.

Luxury restaurant Eddie V's got a 83.50 score earlier in 2019.

A Wendy's fast food location received a 86.50 score, they had flies and ants in the restaurant.

But lets talk more about this big fat 78 score that Ink N Ivy got on January 9, 2019. The health violations at the Ink N Ivy restaurant are well noted.

Dead cockroaches in a restaurant are a big red flag. But the health inspector saw many dead cockroaches in the liquor room. Alcohol sales are huge at Ink N Ivy, so imagine what the cockroaches did or climbed on before they were found dead.

The health inspector observed an overall lack of control in the kitchen and bar areas as evidenced by bare hand contact of ready to eat foods, cold holding issues, dish issues, date marking issues, and food and utensil storage.

There was expired scallion pesto. There was also expired food that was 4 days old including but not limited to tomatoes, various sauces with cooked vegetables, cooked chorizo, cooked potatoes, and others.

Bartenders at Ink n Ivy were observed repeatedly busing eating areas/cups/plates/utensils and then loading and unloading dish washers without washing their hands. An employee was even observed handling money and busing customer eating areas and then directly moving to put fruit into a drink with their bare hands.

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Now that's just nasty!

Bartenders were also seen putting fruit into customers' drinks with their bare hands. Tongs should of been used instead. Who wants their fruit touched by another person without gloves or tongs?

There was also no soap at the bar hand sink. How can Ink N Ivy employees wash their hands at the bar area with no soap?

The large kitchen dish machine had no chlorine connection. Many dishes were stored as clean with heavy food debris, dishes with greasy films on them, dishes with plastic remaining on them from being wrapped and baked with a cover, and pooled water with food debris in it on food contact surfaces.

By the way, the health inspector also observed several dishes stored as clean in bins with food debris and standing water in them.

In the walk in cooler there was uncovered food sitting below racks that had chipping paint, rust, and pans with residue on the outside. Also, there were raw products stored above the uncovered food.

The Inspector noted that the paper towel dispenser battery went dead part way through the inspection. The inspector requested paper towels and/or battery change several times before towels were provided.

There was raw shrimp out of commercial packaging stored over ready to eat foods in the reach in freezer. There was also raw bacon over ready to eat foods in the walk in cooler. Additionally there were raw shell eggs, and raw pooled eggs stored over butter in the walk in cooler.

The inspector observed unwashed produce stored over ready to eat foods in the basement walk in.

An employee backpack was stored on a clean cutting board. There was heavy dust accumulation on vents above the dish area.

There were two lights over the flat top and grill that were not working. It is important for employees to have proper lighting so they can appropriately see what they are doing.