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On June 21, 2021 Destiny Harris, 23, pleaded guilty to aiding Rashad Williams' and Jabar Taylor escape from the Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center in Virginia. Destiny was sentenced to 20 days in jail. 

Destiny Harris

Destiny Harris

The jail escape was in July 2020. Destiny developed an inappropriate relationship at the jail.

Destiny aided inmates Rashad and Jabar in escaping from the jail. The inmates over powered a security jail employee. The inmates then used a cord to choke the jail employee. The employee lost consciousness during the attack. 

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The inmates took the employee's keys to get out of the jail. Rashad and Jabar then escaped by cutting a hole in a fence. 

Jabar and Rashad were driven away by a waiting car. Destiny told the waiting getaway driver where to pick up the inmates.   

The inmates were captured 12 days later in Michigan. Destiny was arrested a few days after the escape. She later pleaded guilty to helping an inmate escape.