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3 jail detention officers were assualted at the Mecklenburg County Jail at 801 East 4th Street Charlotte, NC. One jail guard was even stabbed with a jail inmate made shank, allegedly by inmate Eric Henderson, 39.

Eric Henderson

Eric Henderson

On November 2, 2021, two Direct Action Response Team (D.A.R.T) Officers and a detention sergeant at the jail were injured during an incident with Eric.  

D.A.R.T Officers Simpson, Huff and Sergeant Clyburn attempted to move Eric to a disciplinary detention unit, but Eric allegedly refused to comply. 

Screenshot 2021-11-04 at 17-54-28 Deputies 3 Mecklenburg County Detention Center Officers Assaulted By Inmate - WCCB Charlo[...]
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Inmate Eric is accused of stabbing Officer Simpson with a sharp shank that was made in jail. Officer Simpson was treated by detention facility medical staff before being transported to a local hospital and released. 

Officer Simpson’s injuries were not life threatening, and he is expected to be okay. D.A.R.T Officer Huff and Sergeant Clyburn received minor injuries during the incident.  

A female jail guard was stabbed in 2021 at the same jail. 

Inmate Kevin R. Taylor, Jr., 23, was stabbed to death by another inmate at a prison. 

In 2021 a jail sergeant got shanked by an inmate in a violent jail encounter. 

Prison inmate Scott Whitmeyer, 49, was killed during a stabbing assault with a inmate.